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PCoIP TROUBLESHOOTING STEPS: Management Console 1.x (15134-1017)

This article provides a brief list of troubleshooting steps for common issues, it is not intended to be a comprehensive troubleshooting guide.

The Management Console is a simple configuration tool to manage PCoIP devices, such as zero clients and remote workstation cards. Common troubleshooting scenarios covered include:

  • Issues installing and running the PCoIP MC in a VM in ESXi
  • Unable to discover devices
  • Profile is not being applied, or not applied correctly
  • Time required to update thousands of devices

    Scenario 1: Issues Installing and Running MC in ESXi

    Either unable to install the PCoIP MC in a VM, or high CPU load identified.

    Scenario 2: Device Discovery

    The Management Console goes through a discovery process to identify PCoIP devices on the local network (LAN and/or VPN for remote sites).

    Common device discovery issues can be caused by:

    See also: Why am I unable to connect to my PCoIP devices when using Management Console 1.9.0? (15134-1761)

    Scenario 3:  Profile Application Issue

    Profile not being applied or not being applied correctly.

    • Confirm that the PCoIP device is in the correct group associated with the profile
    • Check that the device was discovered correctly
    • Confirm that the PCoIP device is on-line (offline is either not accessible on network, or powered down)
    • Ensure that the desired feature is configured correctly in the profile (do-not-configure is the default in profiles, "set in profile" must be checked for a configuration in the profile or it will not be updated when the profile is applied)
    • The profile was set to be applied at a future date or time. 
    • The PCoIP MC date/time or timezone configuration does not match the date/time or timezone where the clients are deployed
    • NTP is not set correctly on the PCoIP devices
    • Persistent Auto Configuration is enabled and a configuration is not set correctly (either applying an undesired feature, or not applying a desired feature). Check profile configuration.

    Scenario 4: Time Required to Update in Large PCoIP Zero Client Deployments

    The PCoIP MC can support up to 2000 devices. Although having groups of 1000 devices for example can take up to 10 hours to apply an update since the MC 1.7.x - 1.9.x can update about 100 PCoIP devices per hour (depending on the updates being applied). 

    Also check our support site for additional knowledgebase articles.

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