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PCoIP Client Software Development Kit 3.2.0 for Windows Release Notes (15134-3163)

Release Overview

The PCoIP Client Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of libraries and binaries provided to Teradici Cloud Access Platform customers who require the ability to customize and build a PCoIP client.

With control over how the PCoIP client is built, you can:

  • Build clients that conform to your company style and branding guides.
  • Build clients that adapt to customized workflows (for example, embed a PCoIP session into a software solution).

PCoIP Client SDK 3.2.0 for Windows introduces new fixes and updates to the previous release. This article provides a summary of key additions, compatibility notes, resolved issues, and known issues for this release.

To build additional functionality, such as extended peripheral support, you can utilize the Teradici PCoIP Virtual Channel SDK.

What's New in This Release

Fullscreen One Monitor 

With this release, users now have the ability to switch to full-screen mode on a single monitor or on all available monitors using the new Show Fullscreen One Monitor or Fullscreen All Monitor commands listed under the View menu. Users can also toggle between windowed mode and last full-screen mode using the Ctrl+Alt+Enter (Windows) or Ctrl+Option+Return (Mac) hotkey.

Windows 10 display topology improvements

Improved display topology for Windows 10 clients, including better handling of display rotation and issues related to mouse alignment and window offsets.

Extended supported window alignments

Previously, display topology was limited to all monitors top, center, or bottom aligned. The display topology window alignment has been extended to any alignment provided all windows are connected.

Display resolution improvements

When a host requests a resolution change in full-screen mode, the host will be presented with supported client monitor resolutions only. Additionally, multiple monitor display topology handling has been improved with monitors that have different supported resolutions.

Added secondary default port 60443

The default port used to establish connections is port 443. If this port is already in use, the client will by default establish a connection on the secondary port 60443.

Force native display resolution

Added a new command line parameter 'force-native-monitor-resolution'. This command line parameter requests the PCoIP Software Client to set the resolution of the client monitor to the native resolution of the monitor. If this parameter is applied when launching the client, the best available resolution is used in a session regardless of the monitor resolution setting.


client_session.exe <connection_parms> full-screen force-native-monitor-resolution

Note: 'Full-screen' parameter would typically be used in conjunction with 'force-native-monitor-resolution' parameter.

Image scaling

Added a new command line parameter 'enable-scaling'. This command line parameter enables scaling on the client without having to specify the desktop resolution. Image scaling may be applied when the resolution of the client monitor is not the same as the current resolution provided by the host. Specifying the scaling command line parameter indicates that the client should scale the image to fit the current resolution when an application on the host requests a resolution change.


client_session.exe <connection_parms> full-screen maintain-aspect-ratio enable-scaling

Note: Image scaling is typically used in conjunction with 'full-screen' and 'maintain-aspect-ratio' parameters.

Set host resolution

Added a new command line parameter 'set-host-resolution' to specify the desired resolution the client should send to the host. This parameter replaces the desktop-resolution parameter but is independent of the enable-scaling parameter.


client_session.exe <connection_parms> full-screen maintain-aspect-ratio set-host-resolution=1920x1080 enable-scaling 

Desktop resolution deprecated

The desktop resolution parameter has been deprecated and may be removed completely in later releases. The same functionality can be specified using the set-host-resolution and enable-scaling parameters. 


client_session.exe <connection_parms> full-screen maintain-aspect-ratio desktop-resolution=1920x1080
client_session.exe <connection_parms> full-screen maintain-aspect-ratio host-resolution=1920x1080 enable-scaling

Both command lines are equivalent, except the first one will generate warnings regarding the deprecated command.

Important Notes and Requirements

  • The PCoIP Client SDK is intended for Teradici Cloud Access Platform customers only.

  • The SDK is intended for customers who require some client customizations when PCoIP Software Client for Windows and Mac, PCoIP Zero Clients, and PCoIP Mobile Clients do not meet their needs. 

  • The SDK is intended for customers with software development skills and knowledge, as well as a sound understanding of virtualization systems.

Release Downloads

Related Documents and Software

Release History



July 2017 General availability release


 Supported Clients
PCoIP Client SDK for Windows

PCoIP Client SDK for Windows is compatible with the following Windows operating systems:

Note: PCoIP clients are not supported with Windows Embedded Standard 7 or Windows Embedded Standard 8 systems.

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Windows 7 (32-bit)
PCoIP Client SDK for Mac

PCoIP clients for macOS are compatible with the following Apple operating systems:

  • Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11)
  • macOS Sierra (10.12)
Supported Hosts
Teradici Cloud Access Platform

Known Issues

Using an invalid or corrupt branding package crashes client

If the branding package does not match the hash value specified for the branding package, the session client will terminate. (61678)

Workaround: Replace the corrupt branding file or use the correct hash value.

Cancelling large USB file transfer fails

Cancelling a large file from being copied to or from a USB flash drive while bridged in PCoIP software client fails to function. The file will continue to copy until finished. (40817)

Workaround: Do not try to cancel large file transfers.

USB keyboards do not work in bridged mode

Keyboards do not work when bridged. This affects both Windows and macOS PCoIP Software Client. (40580)

Workaround: Do not bridge the keyboard. Keyboards function correctly when locally terminated.

Resolved Issues

PCoIP Software Client now sends correct monitor EDID in full-screen mode to host

Previously, when the client was in full-screen mode, PCoIP Software Client sent the host a default EDID that might contain resolutions that were not valid for the connected monitors. Now, when a host requests a resolution change in full-screen mode, the host will be presented with supported client monitor resolutions only. Additionally, multiple monitor display topology handling has been improved with monitors that have different supported resolutions. (62446)

Client no longer limits display to 25x16 on a 4K monitor.

Previously, in windowed mode on a 4K monitor, the client limited the size of the display to 25x16 when the window was resized to a size larger than 25x16. This issue has been fixed. (61006)

Peer software version corrected in client log

The peer's PCoIP version has been corrected in the Peer Endpoint Advertisement section of the client log. (51943)

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