Zero Client Compatibility with VMware Horizon View (15134-2593)
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Zero Client Compatibility with VMware Horizon View (15134-2593)

PCoIP firmware is tested against the release of VMware Horizon View that is generally available at the time of the firmware release.  See the table below for details on the combinations currently supported by Teradici.

Processor Firmware Horizon View
Horizon View
Release Notes
Tera2 6.0.x 7.4.0 / 7.3.1 / 7.2.0 Yes

Tera2 5.5.x 7.4.0 / 7.3.1 / 7.1.0 Yes


  1. VMware may only provide support for Horizon against certified clients. If you require VMware support in deployments with Tera1 zero clients, please use Horizon View 5.3 or earlier. Teradici no longer provides Tera1 support. See End-of-Life Details: Tera1 Firmware (15134-2608)
  2. Certification: For current information on which processor and firmware combinations are certified against VMware Horizon products, please visit VMware’s compatibility guide:
    Confirm your device against VMware's HCL (select the Horizon Client Version option "Tera 2 Vendor - Zero client" and the Firmware/BIOS option "All" and then click the Update and View Results button). If you do not find your manufacturer's device in the displayed list, then inquire with your manufacturer. Teradici "pre-certifies" the firmware to make it ready for manufacturers, and the manufacturer must complete the certification.

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