Cloud Access Software 2.7.0
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Cloud Access Software 2.7.0

Teradici is currently providing a Cloud Access Software 2.8.0 public beta release for early adopters. This beta release can be used for daily use, development, or compatibility testing. Note that while the beta release may include new features or fixes that Teradici would like your feedback on, the beta release may also have some stability, compatibility or other issues. As a public beta user, Teradici encourages you to participate in beta-related discussions, provide your feedback, and submit ideas on the Cloud Access 2.8.0 (Beta) community forum.

Cloud Access Software 2.7, Component Resources



PCoIP Agents

PCoIP Graphics Agent 2.7 for Windows

PCoIP Graphics Agent 2.7 for Linux

PCoIP Standard Agent 2.7 for Windows

PCoIP Standard Agent 2.7 for Linux

PCoIP Clients

Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client Firmware 5.4

PCoIP Software Client 1.10

PCoIP Mobile Clients

PCoIP Client 1.5.1 for Android Tablets 

PCoIP Client 1.5.1 for ARM-based and Intel-based Chromebooks

PCoIP Client 1.5.1 for iOS Tablets


Infrastructure Components (Optional)

PCoIP License Server 1.1 


 PCoIP Software Session Statistics WMI Interface Specification (pdf icon)

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Open-Source or Third-Party License 


Note: For previously released product versions, component compatibilities, and support details, refer to the Teradici Product Life Cycle Table (15134-2636)

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