Deployment of PCoIP Management Console in AWS (15134-3271)
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Deployment of PCoIP Management Console in AWS (15134-3271)


The PCoIP Management Console AMI is a conversion of the OVA file into the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) format with SSH enabled to permit secure administrative access.

The virtual machine is made available for users of the PCoIP Management Console that wish to move more of their deployment to the cloud—especially those deploying Amazon WorkSpaces with PCoIP Zero Clients.

The PCoIP Management Console Administrators' Guide should be reviewed as most of the information applies for the AMI release.


  • Amazon Web Services account with access to deploying EC2 instances
  • SSH client
  • PCoIP Zero Clients on firmware 5.0 or higher

System Requirements

  • 4 vCPUs
  • 12 GB RAM (Minimum is 4 GB)
  • 62 GB Hard Drive space
  • Recommended instance type: m4.xlarge or m5.xlarge 

Deployment requirements

  • Open ports (all inbound ports must be restricted to your corporate network)
  • PCoIP Management Console must not be accessible from unsecured networks
    • The PCoIP Management Console must only be accessible by endpoints from the open Internet as described within the PCoIP Management Console Administrators' Guide. Any other exposure to the open Internet is an unsupported use of the product and will void any warranty.


    • Network usage can be higher when firmware is being uploaded to endpoints.
    • A permanent web socket connection is maintained to every online endpoint


Users not in the Amazon US West-2 (Oregon) region may have to copy the AMI over to another region.
To do this:

  1. Search for the Public image in AWS > EC2 > AMI.
  2. Right-click the AMI and select Copy AMI.
  3. Copy the AMI to the Destination Region of your choice.

To deploy PCoIP Management Console AMI:

  1. Log in to AWS Console.
  2. Choose the US West (Oregon) region.
  3. Navigate to EC2.
  4. Navigate to AMIs.
  5. Search Public AMIs for ami-130c856b.
  6. Select the PCoIP Management Console AMI and click Launch.
  7. Choose the appropriate instance type (m4.xlarge or m5.xlarge recommended).
  8. Configure launch steps 2-5 as appropriate for your organization.
  9. Select or create a security group in step 6 that will provide access to the ports defined in Requirements, with the inbound ports restricted to only your corporate network.
    • Ensure network access is appropriate such that administrators are able to access ports 22 and 443, and that endpoints can access port 5172. If you are unable to get this access working, you will need to review your VPC configurations (VPCs, Subnets, Route Tables), Security configurations (Network ACLs, Security Groups), and possibly VPN Connections or Direct Connect settings.
  10. Complete the steps.
  11. When Launching, it is not necessary to select a keypair as this instance is configured with a default user and password.
  12. After the Management Console is deployed, it is important the system is appropriately secured. See the Other Information links below.

Other Information

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